More egoless programming discussion

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“Egoless Programming” is an intriguing concept because it provides a way to understand yourself and fellow programmers. Knowing how someone thinks and why they think that way, can help you understand their decisions and personality. Also, realizing that you might fall into the same traps typical to programmers will help you avoid any possible mistakes and misunderstandings.

Mike Bernat blogs about this in his article titled “Developing Without the Attitude.” It’s a sure read for any programmers that might stumble upon my blog here.

One of the most common threads that all programmers share is that of an ego… Beyond skill-sets and other programming-specific talents I believe the greatest room for personal improvement in programmers as a whole is that of the ego.

– Mike Bernat

I’ve blogged about the Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming before and I strongly believe that programmers should read these “commandments” every now and then, so we don’t forget our own possible dogmas and thought patterns and so we can better understand other programmers.

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