California Special Statewide Election 2009 Propositions

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On May 19, there’s a special statewide election for California. There are six propositions on the ballot and each related to the statewide budget. The propositions, summaries, and commentaries are provided below.

I’m still debating several of these. I’ll solidify my decisions a few days before election day when I put the stamp on my ballot.

The YouTube video (included in links section at end of article) illustrates how the state got into this problem using charts and graphs.

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Using Microsoft WCF with Microsoft CRM 4

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I experienced a problem with Microsoft CRM 4 that I hadn’t encountered in Microsoft CRM 3. When I upgraded my code from version 3 to version 4, I kept getting an error saying “Server was unable to process request.”

My first thought was that maybe I was doing something wrong. My code had worked fine with CRM version 3. Maybe I had forgotten to set a property or had improperly configured my WCF client settings.

After much debugging and using the server trace utility of Microsoft CRM 4, I began believing that it wasn’t my code, it was the CRM code. The server trace logged internal error messages such as “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

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Watchmen (Movie Review)

It was about a year or more ago, when I found out the Watchmen movie was coming out. I hadn’t remembered this graphic novel and I wasn’t familiar with the story. Somehow, I had missed this comic.

I avoided spoilers and reading the novel before the movie because I wanted to see the movie first. After watching the movie, I’ll probably read the reprinted graphic novel.

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Punisher: War Zone (Movie Review)

The Punisher was one of my favorite comic book heroes (or anti-hero) of the 80s. I’ve seen all of the Punisher movies so far, so I was definitely going to see this movie. I did wait until it came out on DVD before renting it, instead of watching it in the theater.

As with the last three Punisher movies, Frank Castle is played by a different actor. Our favorite vigilante was played by Dolph Lundgren (The Punisher, 1989), then Thomas Jane (The Punisher, 2004), and finally Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone, 2008).

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