Star Wars: A Different Point of View

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I just stumbled across the “A Different Point of View” series of podcasts. The episodes are a set of somewhat humorous, but serious essays disproving myths about Stormtroopers and Star Wars universe from the point of view of a sand trooper.

A Different Point of View is a series of essays about the Star Wars Universe as seen through the eyes of lowly sandtrooper, TD-0013. It takes everything you thought you knew about the Star Wars saga and flips it around to expose the ugly underbelly of the Rebellion, The Jedi, and everything else.

The series is a couple years old, but it’s new to me and incredibly awesome for Star Wars geeks like me.

Halo: First Strike (Book Review)

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The third book in the Halo series is title “[amazon_link id=”0345467817″]First Strike[/amazon_link].” Eric Nylund, author of the first Halo book “[amazon_link id=”0345451325″]The Fall of Reach[/amazon_link]” returns to finish some of the unresolved plots from the first book. The book takes place between Halo 1 and Halo 2 video games.

The novel also provides the Halo gamer with insights into how Master Chief returned to earth after Halo: Combat Evolved (Halo 1) and how the Covenant discovered the location of earth.
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