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California Statewide Primary Election (June) 2010 Propositions

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On June 8, there’s a statewide primary election for California. There’s five propositions on the ballot. The propositions, summaries, and commentaries are provided below.

I’m still debating several of these, even though I just recieved my mail-in ballot yesterday. I’ll solidify my decisions as the week progresses.


Iron Man 2 (Movie Review)

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I’m a bit late with this review, but I’m trying to get back to blogging at least a few times each month.

Iron Man was one of the first movies that I reviewed in 2008. Keeping with my superhero/comic book related movie reviews that I have going, I’ll continue with this review.

Just for any new readers, I don’t write spoilers or summarize the entire movie in my blog entries. I just provide my overall impressions and thoughts about the movie and any future movies.