Homebrewing, Small Batch Number 4

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My fourth home brew was a Cranberry Wheat beer using fresh cranberries. I had hoped to make a seasonal beer using fresh, seasonal fruit, so I decided to try this recipe.

During my last batch, I missed by original and final gravities and I assumed it was related to my sparging process since I had a rather low mash efficiency. So this time, I increased the boiling, but… I later found out that wasn’t my problem.

With home brewing and experiments, there’s always a chance for the brewer to over compensate the wrong way and that’s exactly what I did. I overcompensated in the wrong direction and on the wrong process.
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Homebrewing, Small Batch Number 3

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After having mild success with my “easy to drink” single-hop Chinook IPA, I decided that I needed to increase the amount of hops and change the grain list. I’ve also been wanting to try a Honey IPA ever since I tasted Magic Hat Honey Wheat IPA at the Vermont Brewer’s Festival 2012. Other than at the beer fest, the Magic Hat Honey Wheat IPA is only available on tap/growler at their South Burlington brewery. Continue reading