Midland Clubtail dragonfly – rare dragonfly discovery

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A few days ago, I took a photograph of a dragonfly while walking my dog, Raven. Like most of the photographs, I didn’t think much about it until a few days later when I uploaded it to iNaturalist. A day or so later, I was contacted by a couple of biologists and dragonfly experts who thought the dragonfly might be a rare/newly introduced species. You can read about the discovery on the Vermont Center for Ecostudies blog.

As a novice photographer, James Welch enjoys documenting the biodiversity he sees around his home turf. With his camera in hand while walking his dog last week, Welch stumbled upon a rare find in Vermont near the Winooski River, a Midland Clubtail.

Read more at http://vtecostudies.org/blog/vermont-inaturalist-discovers-a-new-population-of-a-rare-dragonfly/

List of Vermont birding resources

Bald Eagle over Shelburne Bay
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Over the last several months, I’ve been taking some wildlife photography of mostly birds. While winter isn’t the best birding season, I’ve been able to photograph quite a few species that’s visiting from the north during the colder weather. I’ve also spotted eight bald eagles in the last month near the Lake Champlain’s coast (three of those were within a couple blocks of my house while walking my dog).

Here’s a few resources for those starting out with birding/bird photography in Vermont that’s been super useful to me:
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Summer of Change


Well, it’s summer, so I’ve decided to change some things. First, I restarted running again. I was running about 3 times a week before I joined Crossfit. My run pace is still more of a fast jog pace than actually running. I’d love to get my average 3 mile pace under/around 8 minutes/mile – which isn’t very fast but fast enough for me. Right now, my best is an abysmal 9:22 min/mile for a 3 mile course.

ShoesNext, as mentioned above, I joined Crossfit. I’m doing this 3 or 4 days a week and running on the alternate days about 2 or 3 times a week. There’s a lot of weight lifting, which I’ve always avoided. I realized that I’ve lost most of the upper body strength which I used to have, so doing pull ups, which used to be very easy, is now more of a challenge than I expected. I’m enjoying the variety of exercises and movements and it makes working out non-boring which is a good thing – because I get bored of working out really fast.

I’ve purchased a camera. It’s not too fancy of a camera, but it’s fun. It’s an introductory level DSLR and the kit came with a few lens adapters and an additional lens. It’s been pretty fun to just walk around the yard and take photographs. I’ve captured a lot of local insects, wildlife, and birds and I’ve attempted to identify each of the species. You can check out the photos in my Instagram account.

Acoustic GuitarLastly, I also purchased an acoustic guitar. I’ve always wanted to learn, so I’m also in the process of scheduling some lessons. I’m not expecting much, but if I can learn how to play a few songs, then it’ll be fun to practice during the winter.

Little Italy Festa, San Diego

Every year the Little Italy district of San Diego holds the Little Italy Festa street fair. Usually, the streets are covered with tons of chalk drawings (Gesso Italiano), but this year – due to weather, we think – the number of artists were less than before. There’s also lots of food and gift booths selling kettle corn, t-shirts, and lots of jewelry.

Below is a photograph of a chalk drawing off India Street at Little Italy, San Diego.

Little Italy Festa - Chalk Pavement Drawing

Photograph taken Oct 14, 2007