2010 Year in Review

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Another late year in review post.

Previous lists: 2009, 2008

Blogging in Review (2010)

Posts tallied from 2009-12-31 to 2010-12-31

Top 2010 Months (By Views)
  1. November (22,010)
  2. October (20,507)
  3. March (17,619)
  4. September (16,509)
  5. August (15,987)
Total Views

2010 (year) = 199,063


Life in Review (2010)

2010 continued my travels to a few cities that I’ve always wanted to visit and return to see sights that I missed the last time I visited the city.

* denotes a first time

(stopping at airports or just in town for business without sight seeing does not count towards list below)

US Destinations

Portland, Oregon *

  • Pittock Mansion *
  • Japanese Garden *
  • Multnomah Falls *
  • Washington Park *
  • Forest/Linnton Park *
  • Cannon Beach, Oregon *
  • Seaside, Oregon *

St. Petersburg, Florida *

  • Honeymoon Island State Park *
  • St. Petersburg Pier *
  • Historic Round Lake Park *
  • Straub Park *

Boston, Massachusetts *

  • Cape Cod (Eastham) *
  • Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary (Cape Cod) *
  • Cape Cod National Seashore *
  • Provincetown *
  • Boston Commons *
  • Cheers Bar *
  • Beacon Hill’s Acorn Street *
  • Faneuil Hall *
  • Harvard (Cambridge) *

New York City, NY *

  • Times Square *
  • Two Broadway Plays (Chicago and Next to Normal) *
  • Rockefeller Center Plaza *
  • Penn Station *
  • Wall Street *
  • China Town *
  • Washington Square Park (NYU) *
  • New York City Public Library *

Washington, DC

  • Smithsonian Institute *
  • Iwo Jima Monument
  • National Gallery of Art *
  • Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum *
  • United States Botanic Garden *
  • United States Capitol (outside only) *
  • United States Supreme Court Building (outside only) *
  • Mt. Vernon Square *
  • US Navy Memorial *
  • Library of Congress, Jefferson Building *
  • Sully Park (near Dulles International Airport) *

San Juan, Puerto Rico *

  • San Juan National Historic Site (Castillo de San Cristobal) *

Las Vegas, Nevada

International Destinations
  • Grant Turk, Turk and Caicos *
  • Philipsburg, St. Maarten *
  • Half Moon Cay, Bahamas *
Local Events
  • Camping at Palomar Mountain *
  • Comic-Con 2010
  • Eastern Caribbean Cruise *
  • Jury Duty (as alternate Juror) *
  • The Avett Brothers and Brandi Carlile Concert (Los Angeles, CA) *
  • La Mesa Oktoberfest *

“Hey, look at me”

Results of a new survey conducted by San Diego State University found that:

Nearly 60 percent of college students polled by San Diego State University agreed their age group uses social networking sites for narcissistic, self-promoting and attention-seeking reasons, it was announced today.

The poll also found that two-thirds of the respondents agreed their generation is more self-promoting, narcissistic, over-confident and attention-seeking than previous generations, according to SDSU.

… research has shown that narcissistic people thrive on sites like Facebook, where self-centered people have more friends and post more attractive pictures of themselves.

— San Diego Union Tribune, August 25, 2009

I’d have to admit that I agree that most social networking sites are outlets for attention-seeking people. I also feel that the vast majority of tweets are just complicated 140 character expressions for “hey, look at me!”.

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What’s your blog’s psychological profile?

A new web site (Typealyzer.com) is offering a blog analysis to determine your psychological profile. The analysis use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality types to categorize blogs. After running my blog through the analysis, it determined that the blog was ESTJ (Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judging).

I’ve taken this test before and this wasn’t the same outcome. So I wouldn’t put too much faith into this analysis. After all, most bloggers don’t write about everything in their life, they usually fall into niches like technology, politics, etc. Based on this, I think I’ll need to start writing about more imaginative topics and express more feelings to be a little more balanced in the brain.

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