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California Statewide General Election (Nov) 2010 Propositions

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On November 2, there’s a statewide general election for California. There’s nine propositions on the ballot. The propositions, summaries, and commentaries are provided below.


California Statewide Primary Election (June) 2010 Propositions

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On June 8, there’s a statewide primary election for California. There’s five propositions on the ballot. The propositions, summaries, and commentaries are provided below.

I’m still debating several of these, even though I just recieved my mail-in ballot yesterday. I’ll solidify my decisions as the week progresses.


Comic Con 2009

Last week, I attended Comic-Con for a half-day for my second year in a row. Just like last year, the convention was sensory overload and standing room only. KPBS reported that there was about 126,000 attendees and another 25,000 exhibitors in town for the four day event. Over the four days, it was estimated that the local businesses reaped in about $42 million.

While I was strolling the aisles, I came across Stan Sakai's booth. He was selling autographed copies of the 1987 Fantagraphic's Usagi Yojimbo: Samuri! issue #1 for only $5. At first, I thought I was mistaken to see the 25 year old comic for just $5. I mostly remember Usagi Yojimbo from the TMNT TV series and comics of the 1980s. After snatching up the autographed #1 issue, I discovered that the un-autographed issue's street price is somewhere between $14 and 17. I just wish I could pick stocks and mutual funds with a 200% profit...


Loving Day

I first learned of the US Supreme Court case of Loving v. Virginia when I was researching constitutional laws and court cases regarding same-sex marriages. The SCOTUS decision overturned Virginia's law against interracial marriages and ended all state's raced-based restrictions on marriage.

In 1966, interracial marriages were illegal in 17 states. Before this court case, interracial bans were considered legal as long as both parties were equally punished.


May 35th, 2009

Twenty years ago, I was just a student in high school, but I remember watching the events unfold on the national news. I was a bit shocked, but it took many years later after understanding the events, growing a bit older, and reading a lot more that I began to fully understand what had happened.

The day in 1989 is censored by the Chinese government which is why it is now becoming known as May 35th instead of today's date (since that date is blocked by the censors). This year those speaking about the day are trying to refer to it as "May 35th," "535" and "VIIV" (Roman numerals).


Balancing the California Budget

LA Times just uploaded a interactive tool to give everyone a chance at balancing the California budget. After playing around for a little bit, it's easy to see how much you'll need to comprise in order to make any substantial reduction of the deficit. Although both sides might not admit it, there's just no way to balance the budget without new taxes and spending cuts - you just can't do it without both.


San Diego Super Heroes

A few weeks ago, I came across a video via AllahPundit about Cincinnati's masked super hero. Little did I know, San Diego has it's own league of super heroes led by Mr. Xtreme.

After a bit of research, it appears this San Diego crime fighting group has been active for over a year. The first report of the Xtreme Justice League was in March 2008.

The purpose of the XTREME JUSTICE LEAGUE (X.J.L.) is to STOP violent crime in the streets of San Diego through prevention, physical intervention, and community outreach. The main methods are street patrols on foot through crime infested areas, raising public awareness through campaigns, and encouraging and empowering other like minded individuals to take up the training to become crime fighters.
-- Mr. Xtreme


California Special Statewide Election 2009 Propositions

On May 19, there's a special statewide election for California. There are six propositions on the ballot and each related to the statewide budget. The propositions, summaries, and commentaries are provided below.

I'm still debating several of these. I'll solidify my decisions a few days before election day when I put the stamp on my ballot.

The YouTube video (included in links section at end of article) illustrates how the state got into this problem using charts and graphs.


Who believes in evolution?

The Gallup polling organization has just released the results of an interesting survey. Yesterday was the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birthday and Gallup polling results are as follows.

Believe in evolution 39%
Do not believe in evolution 25%
No opinion either way 36%
No answer 1%

Unsurprising, there's a strong relationship between education and belief in evolution.

  % Yes, believe in evolution % No, do not believe in evolution % No opinion either way
High school or less 21 27 52
Some college 41 29 30
College graduate 53 22 26
Postgraduate 74 11 16

The range of believing in evolution goes from 21% to 74% (53%) with the various education levels, while the range of not believing in evolution goes from 27% to 11% (16%) with more education.

You can see more survey results at the Gallup poll results page.


San Diego County 2008 Proposition Results by Community

This post is an index of a multi-post series breaking down the San Diego County 2008 General Election vote totals in several different contests including the presidential and state proposition election totals. The data was taken from the San Diego County Registrar of Voter’s office and converted/analyzed to produce the reports.

This blog post is an index of my twelve posts for each California Proposition of the 2008 General Election.

San Diego County Results for Proposition 1A: Safe, Reliable High-speed Passenger Train Bond Act

San Diego County Results for Proposition 2: Standards for Confining Farm Animals

San Diego County Results for Proposition 3: Children’s Hospital Bond

San Diego County Results for Proposition 4: Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy

San Diego County Results for Proposition 5: Nonviolent Drug Offenses

San Diego County Results for Proposition 6: Police & Law Enforcement Funding

San Diego County Results for Proposition 7: Renewable Energy Generation

San Diego County Results for Proposition 8: Eliminates Same Sex Marriages

San Diego County Results for Proposition 9: Victims’ Rights

San Diego County Results for Proposition 10: Alternative Fuel Vehicles & Renewable Energy

San Diego County Results for Proposition 11: Redistricting

San Diego County Results for Proposition 12: Veteran’s Bond Act of 2008