Loving Day

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I first learned of the US Supreme Court case of Loving v. Virginia when I was researching constitutional laws and court cases regarding same-sex marriages. The SCOTUS decision overturned Virginia’s law against interracial marriages and ended all state’s raced-based restrictions on marriage.

In 1966, interracial marriages were illegal in 17 states. Before this court case, interracial bans were considered legal as long as both parties were equally punished.

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San Diego Super Heroes

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A few weeks ago, I came across a video via AllahPundit about Cincinnati’s masked super hero. Little did I know, San Diego has it’s own league of super heroes led by Mr. Xtreme.

After a bit of research, it appears this San Diego crime fighting group has been active for over a year. The first report of the Xtreme Justice League was in March 2008.

The purpose of the XTREME JUSTICE LEAGUE (X.J.L.) is to STOP violent crime in the streets of San Diego through prevention, physical intervention, and community outreach. The main methods are street patrols on foot through crime infested areas, raising public awareness through campaigns, and encouraging and empowering other like minded individuals to take up the training to become crime fighters.
— Mr. Xtreme

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Income Distribution and Poverty in the United States

I found this report very interesting since I really wasn’t too aware of the organization or findings. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released a study titled “Growing Unequal? Income Distribution and Poverty in OECD Countries.”

Why is the gap between rich and poor growing?
In most countries the gap is growing because rich households have done significantly better than middle-class and poor households. Changes in the structure of the population and in the labour market over the past 20 years have contributed greatly to this rise in inequality.

— Key Findings of Growing Unequal

After reading through the country summary (available in PDF format, see links at bottom of article), I was really surprised at the findings. Nearly everyone considers the United States one of the wealthiest and least poor modern countries. However, only Mexico and Turkey has a greater gap in inequality and higher poverty rates (within the OECD countries).

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Resources for the Firestorm 2007 Aftermath, San Diego

It looks like some of the fires are beginning to die down and the hopefully the worst is over. There’s still a few fires burning and several thousands that cannot yet return to their homes.

I was fortune enough to have escaped the evacuations this year. However, a few of my friends were evacuated from various parts of the county. The fires did come very close to my previous condo in Spring Valley (near the Sweetwater Reservoir) where I was living just a few months ago before I moved downtown.

As anyone who browsed my other articles or article categories can discern, I’m not a fire fighter, news blogger, or a blogger who writes about local events (except for the occasional San Diego photo).

I’m going to post a few more helpful links and hopefully you’ll find these as useful as the last set of links. After a week or so, I’m going to try to resume my normal writing of programming and miscellaneous stuff that interests me. For now, I’m going to keep these two posts at the top of my blog in case anyone arrives here from another web site.

Link to original article San Diego Fire Resources.

Helpful Links for the Aftermath

Official Information
List of Burned Homes
List of Disaster Relief Organizations & Charities

Some tips for now & later

Meta blogging

Initially, I posted the San Diego Fire Resources article for myself and a few friends. Somehow, the article started to spread and 48 hours later the page had received over 11,000 page views (and still climbing).

Early on, the team at KTVK TV (Phoenix, AZ) added a link to their front page. And to my surprise late on Wednesday (Oct 24, 2007), Brian Williams’ MSNBC Nightly News linked to the article along with ABC 2 (Baltimore, MD), PBS, WAVE 3 NBC (Louisville, KY).

This was interesting, since the article was never submitted to any search engines and just spread via word of mouth and a few links from fellow bloggers. On an average day, the site was getting about 30-50 views/day and occasionally bursts of around 200-400 views/day when a programming article link was published on another site.


There’s a lot of great bloggers out there that provided excellent and live coverage of the firestorm and I’d like to thank you guys for the coverage and information that you’ve provided. Even the local newspaper moved to a blog to distribute information because their web servers became overloaded. The web community has also provided lots of opportunities to volunteer and help out.

Update 1 @ 10/24/2007 10:15 PM: Added link to Safe Cleanup of Fire Ash and Relief Tips for Dealing with Air Pollution

San Diego Fire Resources (Witch Fire & others, Oct 2007)

“[Witch Fire] is the worst fire this county has ever seen — worse than the Cedar Fire [of 2003],” Sheriff Bill Kolender

Lists of Burned Homes & Buildings


Official Information

Local News, TV, & Radio

Local TV
Local Newspapers
KPBS (TV, Radio)

Local Bloggers & Photologs

Photographs & Imagery

Web cameras


I’ll try to update this when I find other good links and resources. If you find any good links, just post them as comments below.

Update 1 @ 10/22/07 9:30 AM: Added more links

Update 2 @ 10/22/07 11:20 AM: Added more links

Update 3 @ 10/22/07 12:35 PM: Added school closures, USFS WMS/KML downloads, USFS ArcIMS site, and Air Quality Forecast links

Update 4 @ 10/22/07 1:22 PM: Added 211 San Diego link

Update 5 @ 10/22/07 2:20 PM: Added Cat Dirt Sez blog, Nate Ritter’s twitter feed, Dimamite’s list, and Lyon’s Peak web cam links

Update 6 @ 10/22/07 8:01 PM: Added CraigsList link

Update 7 @ 10/23/07 8:15 AM: Updated SignOnSanDiego’s Fire Blog link; Added North County Times link

Update 8 @ 10/23/07 7:40 PM: Added Red Cross’s Safe & Well List link

Update 9 @ 10/24/07 9:15 AM: Added link to Ramona Sentinel Newspaper

Update 10 @ 10/24/07 9:30 AM: Added UT and NBC7 links to burned homes lists, CBS 8, and SignOnSanDiego Fire Map link

Update 11 @ 10/24/07 5:00 PM: Added new list of links for Resources for the Firestorm 2007 Aftermath