2016 – My year of Stronger, Faster, Healthier, Better

New Year. New Shoes
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I’ve been thinking a lot about 2016 and what I want to accomplish. I usually don’t set New Years resolutions or goals, so this year I’m trying something different. This year will be my “Stronger, Faster, Healthier” year.
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Spartan Sprint – 2015 Killington

2015 Spartan Sprint
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A few weeks ago, I participated in my first Spartan Race. The Spartan Sprint was held at Killington Mountain Ski Resort and was described as a 3+ mile obstacle course with 15+ obstacles.

Before talking about my experience, I’ll give a brief overview of my physical fitness. Over the last 5 years or so, I’ve ran a handful of times and never worked out. I’ve never enjoyed going to the gym or running, so with the exception of high school cross-country & track and my years in the Marine Corps, I only had a few years of running.

That is until a few months ago when I joined my local Crossfit gym. I read about Crossfit last year and wanted to join, but it was one of those things that I never got around to doing. So with about 2-3 months worth of Crossfit training and a dozen or more ~3 mile runs on the bike path, I made a last minute decision to register for the Spartan Sprint. (I registered on Thursday and ran on Sunday.)

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Why is the San Diego Padres’ mascot a Friar instead of a Padre?

While attending a Padres game this weekend I was asked “why do the Padres have a friar for their mascot and not a padre?” (paraphrased)

I really had no answer to this question. I hadn’t even thought much about it during my numerous years living in-and-around San Diego.

I attended my first Padre game back at Jack Murphy (“The Murph”) Stadium around 1996 just before Qualcomm purchased the naming rights in 1997.

As a young kid playing baseball very far east of southern California in the 80s, I was (still am) a huge fan of Tony Gwynn and so I watched the Padres from afar. (I’m still holding out hope that he’ll run for mayor and fix all of our city problems…)

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