Which direction is better for sorting multi-column list items?

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As I was working on a web site, one of the beta testers responded saying they didn’t like the default sorting (vertical) of the CheckBoxList elements used on a ASP.NET web form.

The CheckBoxList web control has a property called RepeatDirection which can be either Vertical (default) or Horizontal. Below shows two examples of how the data items will be rendered using each of the two RepeatDirection options.

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ASP.NET AJAX issue with SSL Proxy

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My company uses a SSL Proxy for accessing internal web sites from external networks (such as the Internet). The SSL Proxy used is supplied by Juniper Networks and our networking guys have always made comments like “oh, another Juniper bug”, etc.

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Neat animated GIF creator for load animations

I was looking for some nice animated GIF images to use for some AJAX loading screenings and I stumbled across AjaxLoad.info web site.

The site allows you to pick an image from about 35 different image designs, background color, transparent or opaque, and foreground color. (Using Firefox allows you to preview each of the image designs in the drop down list.)

Once you complete the form, you can preview and download the animated GIF.

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How to render a ASP.NET User Control within a Web Service and return the generated HTML

My needs:

  • Use ASP.NET AJAX PopUpExtender control to provide a mouseover popup with additional content relevant to the GridView row.
  • Use DynamicContextKey to pass in GridView record’s unique identifier.

My wants:

  • Use a User Control to render the HTML response, so I don’t need to build the HTML code using a StringBuilder or HtmlTextWriter.
First attempt

My initial code was something similar to the below code:

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Free Development Related Tools

Here’s a few links for free development related software and tools. This is not an exhaustive list, so I’m sure there’s lots of things that I have forgotten or left out. This is just a list of things that I’ve used in the past and/or present.

As you can see, most of the free products rely heavily on Microsoft. That’s just because nearly everything that I’ve done in the last 5 years or so revolves around Microsoft technologies.

In addition, many of these free products may not be used for commercial products, so please consult the individual license agreements prior to use.

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