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  1. Jim,

    I want to use the Windows “Sent To” on a right click to run a batch program in a fixed path location, and then have the batch file there move the output back to the current folder. My problem is: How do I identify, in the batch file, the SOURCE location of the Send To command?

    Let me explain this a little differently: I have multiple ‘working folder locations’, where I am writing client-specific software. I want to compile the results without have to copy files, run a batch program, and then copy the results back to the starting point – the ‘working folder’.

    Should be easy, but I cannot figure out how to identify where the working file came from in the folder where the compiler is working. I don’t know how to send the results back to the ‘source’.


  2. i want to the xml file load into the xna game project but i am getting the error :There was an error while deserializing intermediate XML so could u please help me to resolve this.

  3. I just want to sincerely thank you for the DOS file handling information that you have provided. This just helped me solve a big problem.


  4. Hi Jim,

    Need your help.

    I want to create a batch job to compare 2 directories that have sub directories and files in them.

    IS there a way I can just give the root directory as parameter and the code find identical folders/files and compares them and gives the output if the file matches or if the file is missing or if the dir itslef is missing.


    Compare test 1 dir with test 2 dir
    Appreciate your help.


  5. This question relates to the post:
    “How to use a DOS batch to loop through files”.
    This works fine for me in a single directory, but I was wondering how to modify this batch file so that it picks up all files in subdirectories also?

  6. I’m curious where did you get the statistics for how San Diego communities voted on the 2008 Presidential election, proposition 8, ext?

  7. Hi Jim. How are you? I’m wondering if you can help me with a simple way to import my ratebeer.com posts over to my blog on WordPress (www.thebeerwarrior.com) so I can add them to the posts I already have on my site. Thank you.

  8. Hi Jim, I have installed Terragen 0.9.43 and trying to install FEO Module, but keep getting the message “Cannot load plugin For Export Only.tgp” even though I have copied the whole folder For Export Only.prz and For Export Only.tgp file in Terragen destination folder. I have also installed Gui Lib, but nothing… Any clues … BTW I’m using Windows 8.. Regards,Pedja

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