Midland Clubtail dragonfly – rare dragonfly discovery


A few days ago, I took a photograph of a dragonfly while walking my dog, Raven. Like most of the photographs, I didn’t think much about it until a few days later when I uploaded it to iNaturalist. A day or so later, I was contacted by a couple of biologists and dragonfly experts who thought the dragonfly might be a rare/newly introduced species. You can read about the discovery on the Vermont Center for Ecostudies blog.

As a novice photographer, James Welch enjoys documenting the biodiversity he sees around his home turf. With his camera in hand while walking his dog last week, Welch stumbled upon a rare find in Vermont near the Winooski River, a Midland Clubtail.

Read more at http://vtecostudies.org/blog/vermont-inaturalist-discovers-a-new-population-of-a-rare-dragonfly/

2016 Boston Spartan Race Sprint

2015 Boston Spartan Sprint

The 2016 Boston Spartan Race Sprint was held on June 4 and 5. I originally signed up for the elite/competitor’s grouping early in the morning, but soon realized that I couldn’t make the start time, so I changed my heat until the afternoon. After a nearly 4 hour drive, I arrived at the event located at the Carter & Stevens Farm in Barre, Massachusetts.

I arrived two hours early as noted in the instructions, but maybe next time I’ll just arrive an hour or so early. One thing that I quickly realized was that there was not enough shade or tents. Being a red-head, fair skinned guy, I was lucky that I brought my sunscreen and I applied generously hoping that the application wouldn’t grease my hands too much. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be sunburned by the time this blog entry is posted.
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14th Star Brewing’s Run For Beer 5k Fun Run

14th Star Brewing's Run For Beer 5k Fun Run

As part of “my year of Stronger, Faster, Healthier, Better,” I wanted to run a few 5k races, so I signed up for the Run For Beer 5k. The last time that I had ran 3 or more miles was the Half-Marathon Unplugged in April.

A few days before the race, I ran the one mile loop near my CrossFit gym and timed myself at 7:07 for a mile (post-workout). At that time, it was the fastest mile that I had ran since I was in my early-twenties (and actively running in Marine Corps), so I felt pretty good. My goal for this 5k was to run a pace of under 8 min/mile.
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2016 CrossFit Games Open

2016 CrossFit Open

I was going to write a quick blog entry about my experience in the 2016 CrossFit Games Open, but I fell sick the week after the event ended and it slipped my mind for a while. Now that I’m feeling better, I’ll try to recount my experience in the event.

For starters, this was my first CrossFit Games Open and I had just began CrossFit last August. The event ran from February 25 to March 28 with a new workout posted each Thursday night. My gym did the workouts on the following day. For the most part, I did the scaled versions of each of the workouts. I believe I could have done the un-scaled (RX, as prescribed) versions, but there would have been a few movements that I couldn’t complete due to either (lack of) skills or (too much) weight. Continue reading

2016 UVM Cat Crawl Obstacle Course Race

2016 UVM Cat Crawl obstacle course race

This last weekend, I took part in the first UVM Cat Crawl obstacle course race. The event held by the UVM Sports Club was a fairly small race with about 30-40 people in the competitive and fun run categories. The fun run category consisted of running just one lap while the competitive category required three laps. The competitive runners also got a 2 or 3 minute head start to help spread out the field.

The race was $5 for students and $10 for everyone else. The total distance was about 3.5 miles and started in front of the Bailey-Howe Library. The course lap was broken down with the following obstacles: Continue reading