Iron Man 2 (Movie Review)

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I’m a bit late with this review, but I’m trying to get back to blogging at least a few times each month.

Iron Man was one of the first movies that I reviewed in 2008. Keeping with my superhero/comic book related movie reviews that I have going, I’ll continue with this review.

Just for any new readers, I don’t write spoilers or summarize the entire movie in my blog entries. I just provide my overall impressions and thoughts about the movie and any future movies.

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Star Wars: A Different Point of View

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I just stumbled across the “A Different Point of View” series of podcasts. The episodes are a set of somewhat humorous, but serious essays disproving myths about Stormtroopers and Star Wars universe from the point of view of a sand trooper.

A Different Point of View is a series of essays about the Star Wars Universe as seen through the eyes of lowly sandtrooper, TD-0013. It takes everything you thought you knew about the Star Wars saga and flips it around to expose the ugly underbelly of the Rebellion, The Jedi, and everything else.

The series is a couple years old, but it’s new to me and incredibly awesome for Star Wars geeks like me.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Movie Review)

I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie at the local IMAX theater. I have long been a fan of X-Men and Weapon X series, so I had pretty high expectations for this movie. Learning that one of my favorite comic book characters, Deadpool, was going to be in this movie gave me some hope that he might spawn off another Marvel movie of his own. I’d love to see a Deadpool and Cable movie. I was disappointed, yet again, with the storyline diverging from Deadpool’s origin and abilities. The movie left me with the feeling that I’ll never see a Deadpool movie, unless they disregard this movie’s content and story.

Okay, enough about Deadpool – the movie’s about Wolverine.

** warning spoilers below **

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Watchmen (Movie Review)

It was about a year or more ago, when I found out the Watchmen movie was coming out. I hadn’t remembered this graphic novel and I wasn’t familiar with the story. Somehow, I had missed this comic.

I avoided spoilers and reading the novel before the movie because I wanted to see the movie first. After watching the movie, I’ll probably read the reprinted graphic novel.

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Punisher: War Zone (Movie Review)

The Punisher was one of my favorite comic book heroes (or anti-hero) of the 80s. I’ve seen all of the Punisher movies so far, so I was definitely going to see this movie. I did wait until it came out on DVD before renting it, instead of watching it in the theater.

As with the last three Punisher movies, Frank Castle is played by a different actor. Our favorite vigilante was played by Dolph Lundgren (The Punisher, 1989), then Thomas Jane (The Punisher, 2004), and finally Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone, 2008).

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