ASP.NET MVC Framework Article Roundup

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Over the last two weeks there’s been a lot of posting over the new MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework being added to ASP.NET. Here’s a few great links to help you get a handle on the buzz and information.

Scott Guthrie’s Announcement

  • ASP.NET MVC Framework
    By Scott Guthrie (Oct 14, 2007)
    “We’ll be releasing a public preview of this ASP.NET MVC Framework a little later this year.  We’ll then ship it as a fully supported ASP.NET feature in the first half of next year.”
  • MVC Presentation and Screencast from ALT.NET Conference
    By Scott Hanselman (Oct 8, 2007)
    “ScottGu gave an hour long presentation on the upcoming MVC Framework and I took some guerilla video.”


  • Scott Guthrie announces ASP.NET MVC framework at Alt.Net Conf
    By Jeffrey Palermo (Oct 5, 2007)
    “Scott Guthrie proposed a topic at the Alt.Net Conference today, and the topic was an overview of the MVC Framework his team is working on.”
  • Developer Notes for the ASP.NET MVC Framework
    By Sergio Pereira (Oct 15, 2007)
    “The new MVC framework draws from the collective knowledge in the existing implementations (.Net or not) to help the ASP.NET developer create applications that support the following important characteristics: Testable, Maintainable, Pluggable, Separation of concerns.”
  • Observations on Microsoft MVC for ASP.NET
    By Damien Guard (Oct 9, 2007)
    “Gurthrie and Hanselman presented Microsoft MVC at the Alt.Net conference which revealed some interesting details buried in the video, my rough observations and notes based on the prototype they showed…”
  • MVC versus MonoRail and the Corporate Giant
    By Ben Scheirman (Oct 15, 2007)
    “System.Web.MVC will reach an audience that MonoRail doesn’t:  The corporate giant who already swallowed the pill and will do anything that Microsoft pushes, good or bad.”

MVC Background

  • MVC: No Silver Bullet (introduction & overview to MVC)
    By Andy Wardley
    “The Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern is much heralded as the ‘Right Way’ to build web applications. Although MVC is undoubtedly a valuable and useful way to architect such systems, I believe it goes far deeper than MVC alone.”

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